The Insider Scoop: A DJ’s Perspective

When it comes to sourcing the perfect dream team of vendors, especially your DJ, you will want to make sure you are asking the RIGHT questions. For most of our couples, finding the right DJ that can match their vibe, pack the dance floor, and flow the night well is at the top of the list. Aside from wining and dining your guests, entertainment is a huge component of a wedding day and a DJ has the ability to make or break the overall experience.

When the time comes to chat with your vendors, our couples frequently ask us “What SHOULD I be asking this vendor when chatting with them?” or “What should I know before booking this vendor?”.

We wanted to flip the perspective on this topic & give y’all an INSIDERS PERSPECTIVE on what wedding vendors would ask themselves before booking.

The next vendor to give us the insider scoop is one of Austin’s best DJ companies, The Premier Entertainment Group. Here is what they had to say:

How much do you charge per hour to DJ a wedding? 

Many vendors charge an hour rate for the day for their services. Because we spend several hours with clients and several hours curating their playlists before events we made the decision to stop charging by the hour. Clients instead book us for packages with their minds at ease knowing we will be there for the duration of any wedding that lasts up until midnight.  We are all conditioned to want to identify a price before booking so we’ve made a concerted effort to have all of our pricing listed on our website. Pricing is dependent on the package, enhancements chosen and proximity to the Austin metro.  Our most popular package is our Premier Package which is perfect for people wanting coverage for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception with different setups for each area. This package is currently $1,625 but we do have packages for those wanting the ultimate entertainment experience with all of our bells and whistles for $2,600.

Can we select our DJ and hear them mix?

We currently have a team of 10 DJs with most of them having experience with bar/club entertainment.  Selecting a DJ is a matter of personal choice and we feel it is important for couples to select someone who will properly represent them on their big day. If a client is more reserved and has an eclectic music taste, we have DJs who would be a great fit. If a couple is looking for an energetic and interactive DJ or someone who can do live mashups we have them covered.  Rather than simply give a couple a DJ, we want them to interview DJs on our team to see who they feel is a good fit before signing their contract.  All of our DJs have live mixes showcasing their skills.  Some of our DJs entertain regularly at local public venues. We do our best to allow clients to see DJs live in person for public events or listen to their curated mixes online so they can get a feel for their style.

Have you entertained at our venue before?

Couples often want to know if our DJs are familiar with their venue. Oftentimes one of the DJs on our team has been to the venue a client has selected. In the event none of us have been to the venue we will schedule a site visit. During the site visit we’re looking at the ceremony site, reception hall, where electricity is, where we would set up, how to load in, etc.  We introduce ourselves to the owner/venue manager and gain an understanding of their rules as it relates to sound ordinances and provide them with our liability insurance information. Neither we or our clients want to minimize surprises on their big day.  If there are any concerns we have already spoken to the couple and their coordination team well in advance. 

What happens if our selected DJ is no longer able to attend our wedding?

Due to the size of our team and our extended network of DJs, we are able to quickly adapt to any unforeseen issues related to the selection of your DJ. All of our clients input their music requests into our customized app.  We can quickly reassign not just the DJ but the client’s selected music and send them the coordinators timeline to ensure a seamless transition.  We even ensure that your selected DJ has a backup of all of your music on multiple devices in the event of a computer failure.  All of our DJs keep backup speakers, microphones, cables you name it. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Be sure to check out TPEG for all your entertainment needs; we promise you will not be disappointed!