The Insider Scoop: A Florist’s Perspective

When it comes to sourcing the perfect dream team of vendors, especially your florist, you will want to make sure you are asking the RIGHT questions. For most of our couples, finding the right florist that matches their wedding design, style, and budget is very important!

When the time comes to chat with your vendors, our couples frequently ask us “What SHOULD I be asking this vendor when chatting with them?” or “What should I know before booking this vendor?”.

We wanted to flip the perspective on this topic & give y’all an INSIDERS PERSPECTIVE on what wedding vendors would ask themselves before booking.

The next vendor to give us the insider scoop is the owner & lead designer of The Bloom Bar – Kayli!

According to Kayli, flowers have the ability to completely transform a space and can help reflect a couple’s personality. They can truly capture a mood & are an experience for all the senses. Florals can be a bit intimidating to approach, because there are so many options, names of floral, industry lingo and an overwhelming number of pretty blooms on Pinterest that may be out of season. Here are Kayli’s top tips for clients searching for a florist, and where she suggests you start!

What if I don’t know where to start with my design and floral vision?
I love to recommend to my clients to have an open mind when approaching your floral design plan. Seasonality and availability affect our market greatly, so being flexible, open-minded & focusing more on a feeling and vibe versus getting stuck on a single type of floral is important. Trusting your florist’s expertise and giving them the freedom to create is so important and will deliver better results in the long run. Knowing my client trusts me to go ahead and include those unique blooms always adds something special!

Start by pinning some bouquets on Pinterest that speak to you. This helps us visualize patterns of what you are drawn to and most of the time, we can see a common theme and a style emerge. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the flower names or the language to describe the floral you like…that’s what we are here for! So let those images be a jumping off point, but don’t get caught up in replicating a bouquet. Inspiration images are great, but I always tell my clients, if you want to get your wedding photos published, uniqueness is key! Let’s choose what you love about an image and make it your own.

What should I plan to budget?
I always get asked if we have a floral package, and the truth is, it’s nearly impossible to have a standard floral package. Each stem cost varies and
fluctuates, and even the simplest looking designs can be labor intensive. Flowers also get expensive because, before those stems even touch a centerpiece, they are shipped in from all over the world, cut, conditioned and cared for along the way. Thus, even at wholesale pricing, flowers are expensive! I tend to recommend 8-10% of your overall budget be devoted to floral. To maximize that number, I always suggest focusing on the pieces that will be photographed the most, like the bridal bouquet and ceremony backdrop. A mix of high-end options and more cost-effective centerpieces is another way to stay in budget. I love to help my clients find that happy medium and prioritize what’s more important to them.

What makes your floral style unique?
Florals have been my passion since I was a little girl, & even after designing almost 500 weddings, I still get excited for each one. The process lights me up. I think anyone who has ever had a consultation with me can see that and has experienced me nerding-out about flowers. It never gets old. I like to think that is reflected in our work. I’ve been in the floral industry for 20 years this season, and I’m still surprised by the unique blooms that come to the flower market that I’ve never seen before.

We work in many different styles and palettes, working in classic garden-style to modern edgy florals. For us, it’s less about curating our own Instagram feed, and more about our client’s receiving flowers that
are so “them,” with a Bloom Bar touch.

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