The Insider Scoop: A Photographer’s Perspective

When it comes to sourcing the perfect dream team of vendors, you will want to interview a few in each category before making a decision. For example, we always encourage our couples to chat with a few photographers before booking one. For photography, you always want to make sure it’s a good fit for your style, budget, and personality!

When the time comes to chat with your vendors, our couples frequently ask us “What SHOULD I be asking this vendor when chatting with them?”.

We wanted to flip the perspective on this topic & give y’all an INSIDERS PERSPECTIVE on what wedding vendors would ask themselves before booking.

The first vendor we asked was Paige Vaughn, with Paige Vaughn Photo. Paige’s top 3 questions she’d ask herself if she was a client shopping for a photographer (which is exactly the experience she went through as a new bride) are below!

  • What would I be sacrificing if I went with a less expensive photographer? Trust me, as a fellow bride, I know that seeing a price tag for $5K+ for photography (which is what I charge) is startling…I get it. I spent way more than that on my own photographer because I know it can literally make or break your wedding day experience. For us personally, opting for a less expensive photographer means most likely sacrificing a white glove, high-touch experience where we help you feel like a million bucks every step of the way. We offer a professional stylist to help you choose your engagement photo outfits, custom timeline support, artful technique, responsiveness, fast turnaround, and 9 years of experience where I learned to able anticipate once-in-a-lifetime moments, make you comfy on camera, and get all your best angles without taking away from what’s really important: you getting married.
  • What makes your photography approach unique? My use of film photography (as well as digital and film photography), meshed with my background in photojournalism, and paired with my outgoing and encouraging personality allows you to be comfortable in front of my camera as I capture truly FUN, candid, and flattering photos that remind you of how you felt marrying the love of your life. I guide you every step of the art so you feel natural and not staged. My editing highlights the best parts of film photography: the nostalgic texture, the creamy skin tones, and the beautiful light and airy feel that you’ll swoon over.
  • Can you give me an example of how you go above and beyond for clients? This is one of my core values, because it truly influences how you FEEL on your wedding day, and have too many stories to share from the 150+ weddings I’ve photographed, BUT if I had to just choose – I’d share that I’ve gotten on my hands and knees numerous times to lift up a bride’s dress when she was overheating during her summer wedding. Or once a couple forgot to coordinate transportation for them to get to the reception from the church, we loaded them (dress and all) into my small SUV to get them where they needed to be. I’ve bribed pouty flower girls to smile, I’ve hydrated drunk wedding party members, dabbed grooms sweaty foreheads, laced bridesmaids dresses, taped boobs — you name it. Nothing is outside of my job description when it comes to being your honorary bridesmaid with a camera.

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