The Skinny on Table & Linen Sizes

We know wedding planning isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. For most of our couples, selecting table sizes, determining the right size linen for each table, and determining how many guests fit at each table is a headache. We are here to break it down for you so you know exactly what linen pairs with what table and how many people can fit at each table too!

Round tables:

The most common size for round tables is a 60 inch round. This size table can fit 8-10 guests. If you are having chargers on the table (or factoring in COVID), you will likely want to stick to 8 guests. We usually recommend 8 every time as 10 can be a tighter squeeze. This 60 inch round table takes a 120 inch round linen!

Some venues have 72 inch round tables. Pro tip; always check with your venue prior to ordering your linens so you can make sure the size is right! For 72 inch round tables, you can accommodate 10-12 guests, with 10 guests being the most common and comfortable option. These tables take a 132 inch round linen.

For smaller tables, such as 48 inch round tables (sometimes used for a sweetheart table or a cake table), you can fit up to 6 guests comfortably. This size table takes a 108 inch round linen.

Cocktail tables:

For standard cocktail tables, you have a few different options here. If you plan to cinch the cocktail table with a sash, ribbon, or greenery, a 132 inch round linen is preferred. If you plan to just have the linen drape over the table but still touch the ground, then a 120 inch round is your go-to.

Rectangular tables:

For a standard 6ft rectangular table, 6 guests can fit comfortably (3 on each side). Depending on how the table sets up, you may be able to fit an additional 2 guests (1 on each end). This table takes a 90 by 132 size linen.

For standard 8ft rectangular tables, 8 guests can fit comfortably with the possibility of 2 additional guests squeezing on the ends, depending on the set up of the table and décor on the table. For this table, you will need a 90 by 156 size linen.

Farm tables:

Farm tables are all the rage these days (and for good reason of course). The sizing of each farm table varies from company to company. For the most part, most farm tables can fit 6-8 guests (3-4 on each side) depending on the size and the placement of the legs. Always check out the dimensions on the companies website or simply ask how many can fit on each side, if that information is not clearly listed. These tables don’t require a linen because they are FABULOUS all on their own.

This cheat sheet covers the most common tables you will likely find in any wedding venue. Always be sure to check to make sure your venue doesn’t have any specialty tables that deviate from the norm so you know exactly what linens you are looking for! Happy linen shopping 😉