Bridesmaids Dresses 101

At this point, I feel almost half of our blogs have 101 in the title, but that’s just because we love giving you the down low about your biggest wedding planning questions. Plus when it comes to us wedding planners, we love sharing our knowledge to make your life a whole heck of a lot simpler.

This blog post is about all things bridesmaids dresses. When I got married a few years ago, I can promise you that there were not THIS many options for bridesmaids dresses. More recently, lots and lots of online companies have been poppin’ up, making the decision to choose bridesmaids dresses a whole lot harder.

From velvet dresses, to mixed matched colors, to a wide variety of styles & textures, your girls can rock ANYTHING. Talk about a dream. Or a struggle to find the best dresses for your girl gang.

Our biggest piece of advice when browsing these retailers is to think about sizing and turnaround time. How quick will they ship these dresses to you? Do they offer custom sizing or at-home try-ons? What happens if the dress doesn’t fit and you need to return it? We are here to break down our favorite bridesmaids dress retailers and answer these questions for ya!

Without further adieu…


AZAZIE is one of our favorites because of how much variety they have. If your girls are on a budget, many of their dresses are under $150. One of the best parts is they offer at-home try-ons for a small fee so you can make sure the style, color, and size fit your girls perfectly. Not to mention, they have tons of colors for you to choose from. PLUS, you can order swatches so you know exactly what the colors look like in person.


Show Me Your MuMu has a great selection of sizes and colors for your gals. They even have some fun patterns if you want to have a variety of patterns, textures and colors! There aren’t as many style options, however, a lot of their options are more fashion-forward and have dresses for the boho and modern bridesmaids. You can order swatches as well to make sure the color lines up exactly with your vision!


Bella Bridesmaids offers a wide variety of designers so you have the MOST options. They also have locations all across the country so you and your gals can go try on bridesmaids dresses while sipping Champagne. The only downside is, that there are no returns and all sales are final as each dress is custom made to order. We definitely recommend heading to your local store to make sure that the size is just right before signing on the dotted line!


Jenny Yoo definitely kills the bridesmaids dress game. Her elegant and modern bridesmaids dresses are equal parts sassy & fierce. Her color palette is very soft & girly, yet she offers fun velvet & satin options that will be sure to stand out. You can return your dress for up to 30 days & they offer color swatches with all of their pretty colors and textures!


A Austin local favorite, Revelry offers everything from velvet, to chiffon, to sequins, to lace. They offer a wide variety of color options, sizes for every body, and even an at home try on program! Their standard shipping is about 10 weeks, so keep this in mind when ordering your dresses! The dresses are also made to order and are final sale!

With so many great options, we highly recommend ordering color swatches, reading reviews, and doing at-home try-ons if at all possible to ensure that the style, size, and color is everything you have wanted!

Now get to finding your dream bridesmaids dresses, boo.