Well, what the heck do I do now? Round two.

Guys, real talk, last week felt like an ETERNITY. I could have sworn I just wrote the first part of this blog a few days ago. But here we are. The world is WEIRD right now & there is so much uncertainty floating around. Chances are, the majority of you are planning a wedding outside of the CDC’s recommendation of cancelling weddings for the next eight weeks. So what does all of this mean if you are planning a wedding Mid-May and beyond? What should your wedding planning look like?

We have gotten so many emails about what-ifs and questions if couples should start considering postponement even if the wedding isn’t until August or September. We are here to tell you, that it is perfectly okay to continue to plan your wedding if you are a summer or Fall 2020 bride. At this point in time, we are taking things week by week and day by day so it is important to stay informed and make educated decisions. We are trying to avoid our couples making drastic decisions in the chaos before they have the opportunity to be properly informed. At this point in time, there is absolutely no reason that you should be postponing and that your wedding cannot be carried out as planned.

However, it is absolutely okay to begin asking questions to know what your options are, should it come to that. Some couples have tons of guests coming from out of state or from another Country, while some couples may have many older guests coming. Depending on what your circumstances are & your level of concern, it may be time to chat with your vendor team and venue to see what your options are, especially if you are getting close to final payments being due. It never hurts to get ahead and to smartly plan! So what should your plan of action be if you are on the fence about what to do with your upcoming wedding that is beyond the CDC ban on events?

  1. Have open, honest conversations with your vendors. Also, be sure to revisit your contract to know exactly what you are entitled to. Even if you aren’t considering postponement, you can still reach out to ask what they are doing to keep themselves and your guests safe. It is also important to note that vendors are confidently moving spring brides to the fall with the full belief that fall weddings will carry out as planned. There has not been any new information from the CDC, state, or government officials to encourage us to make alternative plans, however, it is good to be prepared to act quickly if this changes.
  2. Don’t stop booking vendors, even in times of uncertainty. Availability for 2020 is going to be extremely limited as hundreds of weddings are being rescheduled to late 2020. Be sure to continue to build your vendor dream team & get ahead on planning (especially because we have ALL THE FREE TIME right now). Keep up the planning, folks!!
  3. Be flexible with vendors during this time. Many vendors have had to reschedule meetings or switch the meetings to be over the phone or on FaceTime. We have also had many couples ask vendors to add coronavirus clauses into their contracts before signing amendments or new contracts. While this is on a case by case basis, please understand that insurance companies are not adding this clause into their contracts and the event industry as a whole is not adding these clauses into their contracts as well. The majority of vendors are not charging for a one-time reschedule and are being incredibly forgiving during this time.
  4. Finally, continue to keep your ear to the ground with the most recent CDC recommendations. Pay close attention to the restrictions on gathering sizes as well as what your venues and vendors are doing. Also, be sure to check in with your planners! We are here to help with any and all questions!!

In short: keep on planning all the pretty things, extend your vendors a tiny bit of grace & keep washing’ your hands until further notice!!!