Well, what the heck do I do now?

You have spent the past 10+ months planning your dream wedding. All the details are in place. The day you have been waiting for is FINALLY almost here. And then you get news that your wedding has to be postponed or cancelled due to a global pandemic. So what the heck do you do?

First, you have your dang feelings.

I cannot imagine the weight on your shoulders knowing that something beyond your control is forcing you to reschedule your wedding day. Maybe you scream into a pillow. Maybe you cry on your couch. Maybe you drink a glass of wine (or two). Maybe you are numb. Maybe it is all of those things. We feel for you. For all of your emotions. This situation could not be messier or more unfair, we know that much. Be sure to allow yourself time to grieve, too! #selfcare

So you have had your feelings (for now), what about my venue? And my vendors?

This may feel a little bit like mission impossible & it will require you to extend copious amounts of grace and patience (even when you are overwhelmed & angry & sad). Reaching out to your venue is step one. See what their options are in terms of rescheduling and open date availability. Guys, this is going to be hard, but, your venue may NOT have a ton of options. Better yet, your vendors may not have a ton of options. Fall 2020 bookings have been off the charts this year across the board so a prime Saturday or even Friday date may not even be an option. Be open-minded to a Sunday or even a weekday.

Most venues have been gracious enough to offer a 24-48 hour hold on your preferred date so that you can check with vendors and VIP guests to make sure that date works for almost everyone. Most vendors and venues are offering rescheduling at no additional cost to you, however, some vendors may require a small, nominal fee in order to reschedule you. Your vendors work incredibly hard for you so please be kind to them. Please know that they are doing everything in their power to accommodate your needs, while also keeping their business afloat. I know it is impossible to imagine while you are still feeling the weight of the world, but we just ask for a little bit of grace & patience during this time. If you feel a vendor has been more than helpful or has gone above and beyond during this time, please write them a 5-star review. Post about them on your social media and give them the credit that they deserve!

We have also gotten SO many emails about July brides & beyond curious about next steps to reschedule (understandably). We ask that you please give us some time to make sure that we are able to finish up with postponing all our our March-May brides right now. All of our brides matter to us, just in this particular moment we are having to take care of these sweet brides a little bit more!

If you love your vendors (which we know you do), please, please do not cancel. Consider rescheduling at all costs.

Not only will cancelling make you lose all that you have paid to your vendors, it will leave your vendors in a financial bind, especially at a time when vendors are losing more than 1/3 of their income. If there is anything I can ask you during this time, it is to please not cancel your wedding. I know this is a big ask, but I know that the wedding industry needs you right now.

I have a new date. How do I tell all of my loved ones?

Whew, you made it through the hard part (mostly). You picked a new date but now you need to tell all of your friends and family. We recommend starting with your wedding website to alert your guests of the new date. Social media is also a powerful platform & there are so many great templates floating around out there for you to share that you are changing your date! Finally, most of you have probably sent invitations out by now. Be sure to contact your printing company and ask if there are any accommodations they can make during this time. Most have offered heavy discounts or done free re-printing for you with the correct date! Shoutout to the hard working vendors out there, trying to make this process as easy as can be!

The hard work is over, now you get freaking excited about your new date!

I know you never thought that you would make it to this point. I know it has felt like the world has been against you & that the odds are not in your favor, but we are here to tell you that your new wedding date is going to be well worth the wait. We know so much of this situation is out of your control, but we do know that even while heartbroken, you can still be excited that the pieces are starting to come together again!

We surely are extra excited to see our spring brides tie the knot this summer & fall. SO, CHEERS TO THAT!!! #idoroundtwo

Side note: ** We know this time has been confusing, and challenging, and frustrating, but we are here for you. Any time, any day. Feel free to shoot us a DM on instagram (@simplyxoevents) or email us at hello@simplyxoevents.com. We got you!! **