Wedding Websites: The Basics

We get lots and lots of questions about wedding websites; what to include, how to make it flow, how much information to give your guests, etc. Let us break it down for you so you know exactly how to make your wedding website equal parts cute & fun but also informative. Your wedding website is ultimately designed to educate your guests and make their life easier.

Share your engagement & love story!

Your wedding website is all about you & your fiance! It should tell the story of how y’all met. This area can be kept short and sweet! You can include fun facts about yourselves or your love story. You can also add in some photos, just be sure to include a few of your favorites. You don’t want to overload your guests with TONS of pictures of you two!

Be sure to give a shout-out to your wedding party & VIP guests!

Couples often list out their wedding party when creating their wedding website. You can even put a brief blurb about them if you want! This is an easy way to give a personalized shout-out to your wedding party! A small thank you for everything they will do for your big day!

Be sure to include wedding weekend logistics & details!

Aside from the wedding date, be sure to include any important things your guests should know. This could include dress code, parking information, addresses for the venue(s) and specifics on locations if your ceremony and reception are in two different places. Guests love to know exactly where they need to be and when. Be sure to include information on any extra events, such as a morning-after brunch, etc. This is also a great place to list out if this is an adults-only celebration!

Include things to do in the area!

Add a personal touch to your wedding website by including fun things to do in the city you are getting married in! This can include fun things such as must-see museums and attractions, favorite bars and restaurants to get a drink or food, or even best outdoor activities to go hiking, etc. Most guests coming from out of town are not familiar with your city so giving them things to do makes your guest experience that much better!

Include hotel room block information!

If you have a hotel room block for your guests, be sure to include that information for your guests as well as important dates and deadlines for booking. Also include information on the closest airport and best means of transportation for guests.

List out your registry information!

The wedding website is the most appropriate place to list off your registry information and links to the appropriate website!

Now that you know what to include, how do you choose which website is best for you?

There are so many options when it comes to wedding websites. A few of our favorites are: The Knot, Minted, & Zola. There are pros and cons for each! Be sure to factor in whether or not the wedding website allows for online RSVP if you decide you want to utilize that instead of formal, paper invitations. No matter which website you choose, be sure to pick a template that is easy to use & flows nicely for your guests! We always recommend that your wedding website ties in with your wedding theme and colors! This will give your guests a preview of what they can expect on the wedding day!