Top 5 Wedding Tips: A Florist’s Perspective

Hey gal pals (& dudes too!)

We are so excited to be launching a new blog series geared towards giving you all the juicy tips and tricks for your wedding day and planning process from some of our favorite wedding pros.

To kick things off, we sat down with Wild Bunches Floral to get their take on a wedding day from a florists perspective. Wild Bunches, located in Dripping Springs, has been making beautiful floral arrangements and leading the floral design game since 2007. They truly have an eye for capturing a couple’s unique vision and bringing it to life through their floral!

Let’s break down their top 5 tips to have a successful planning process!

  1. Have the serious discussion about your wedding budget.  When you meet with your vendors know what you want to spend and be honest with them.  For example, when we meet with brides we tell them that usually 10-12% of their overall budget will be going towards their floral.  If we know what your budget is, we can help you determine blooms and ideas that what will fit within our budget or close to it!
  2. Before meeting with your florist have a really good idea of your vision for decor, colors and details. Pinterest is a great tool for this!  It really does help to pick floral when you have your dress and bridesmaids dresses picked out, because you will have a better idea of color scheme and style.  It also helps to know linen colors and any other decor details. Also, if you have an idea of layout for your ceremony and reception that is also super helpful! 
  3. Be open minded to your vendors suggestions! They have worked so many events, and usually have the best suggestions for your space, vision and budgets.  Also, being open minded to suggestions and what blooms are in season (for floral) makes for a more unique and special details for your big day! 
  4. Don’t Procrastinate.  Planning a wedding does take a lot of time and energy.  Take the time to get organized (spread sheets are awesome!), so you know what to expect-when payments are due, when to set up meetings, etc.  Do not wait until the last minute.  Brides that are organized and do things in a timely matter make for a much less stressful process when planning, which makes it so much more enjoyable! 
  5. On the day of, take it all in!  The day will go by fast, so take in all the special moments and pay attention to the details.  It will be an amazing day!  Also, after your wedding, if you feel your vendors did a great job, show them some love!  Give them the reviews they deserve, and let other brides know how great they are, and what you enjoyed about working with them!  It means the world to your vendors!  

Be sure to check out Wild Bunches for all of your floral needs! You can take a peek at some of their work below!

Stay tuned for our next Top 5 Wedding Tips! You never know who will be featured next!